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Convergence and the Changing World of Journalism

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The world of journalism is changing. As a prospective journalist, I am directly impacted and must adapt to these new changes taking place. Within the last decade, newspaper and magazine industries have been suffering since news is now easily accessible via the internet. As a result, job opportunities for reporters have decreased. In essence, print has become outdated and studies have shown less people are willing to pay for news when they can read it online for free. Although, online news can be constantly updated, anyone can publish and broadcast news. Several questions arise: How accurate is it? How much is biased? As a journalist and someone who watches the news daily, I want to trust my source of information and be sure that the facts are valid. Convergence is a controversial issue that is constantly being debated. It is certainly beneficial to have advanced technological tools in order to provide the public with quality news that is timely, informative and easy to access. The concept of engaging the reader and encouraging feedback is positive; however, readers need to be aware of the validity of their news source.

I came across this article that discusses the issue further-


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May 19, 2010 at 9:04 pm

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