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May the Fourth be With You

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As we are talking about the book “Convergence Culture” in class right now, the article I found to base this post on seemed fitting. I’m at all a Star Wars fan, but today (May 4th) is a big day for a lot of people who chose to follow the Star Wars movies and culture. Star Wars has been around since its original movie in 1977, and the culture around the films is enormous. This is why I was not surprised to read that May 4th is deemed Star Wars Day, according to fanatics.

It’s seems insane that a group of movies could have this much impact on a culture that devoted fans would name an entire day out of the year to their favorite movie. Adding even more media is that searches about the movie and the holiday on the Internet have hit “astronomical heights” according to an article. People have even been researching the phrase for the day “May the fourth be with you”, in connection with Star Wars Day.

Although the Star Wars Day isn’t an actual recognized holiday, and many fans would be sad to find that they don’t receive the day off from work, the day is getting increased recognition around the United States, for the same reasons that we’ve been talking about in class.


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May 19, 2010 at 9:12 pm

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