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A $1 million prize for winning a baseball game!

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Advertising has really helped this one 23 year old millionaire and Take-Two’s 2k Sports business. The new MLB 2010 video game came out March 2nd. The advertisement said that the first person who pitched a perfect game would win $1 million. Wade McGilberry, from Alabama, pitched a perfect game and sent it in to the company. The vice president of marketing for the company, Jason Argent said that none of the games developers could beat it. Argent said that the game was for publicity and hoped to increase sales. McGilberry agreed, saying that he would not have bought the game if it wasn’t for the contest.

I think this contest was a great idea. Seeing the commercial and contest idea on television made me want to play the game, and I am not even interested in it. It probably made many people who were on the fence about purchasing the game go out and get it. Like Argent said, it definitely helped sales, being that the game is around $40. This was a good advertising technique because not only does it get more people to buy the game, but it generates talk about it. It also gets people more excited and into the game. People who were only mildly interested probably got more fascinated by it and will now go out and purchase more of the 2010 sports games that the company produces.

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May 20, 2010 at 3:33 am

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