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Everyone Wants An Iphone

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According to this New York Times article, a recent poll has found that more than half of Verizon Wireless customers would like to soon see the Iphone available to them and I definitely agree. We have all heard rumors that the Iphone will be moving to Verizon later this year after Apple’s contract expires with AT&T but to my despair that may no longer be true. According to the Times, AT&T may have recently added a 6 month extension to their contract making the Verizon Iphone unavailable until at least 2011.
I think this is a terrible move on Apples part. There are over 90 million Iphoneless Verizon Wireless customers who are missing out on one of the most innovative pieces of technology ever created. Apple needs to expand their reach and make this type of technology available to all. They are losing millions of dollars to other smart phones and Blackberrys that have taken over Verizon’s market. According to the article if Apple were to expand the Iphone to Verizon they would expect to sell at least 10 million more phones each year. A move to Verizon would also increase competition between carriers and phone manufactures, benefiting all including the consumer. Apple is already beginning to take over the computer world, why not take over the cell phone world too? They must move the Iphone to Verizon sometime soon, not only for the financial benefits but so I can finally stop annoying my suitemate by stealing his Iphone at least 3 times a day.


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May 20, 2010 at 7:29 pm

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