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Facebook Bug Goes Undetected

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Yesterday, May 5 a bug was reported on the popular social networking site, Facebook. This bug enabled users to see private chats taking place between friends. Another security issue allowed users to see their online friends’ pending social requests.

Facebook did not notify users that were effected by this, so it is impossible to know if you were a Facebook user involved in this.

In order to fix this bug, the Facebook chat function was disabled for majority of the day.

My biggest concern with social networking sites is the privacy factor. I am an avid Facebook user, and I just assume that my profile is private. With a problem like this, where people don’t know if their Facebook is open for people to see brings up a large concern. Also, if this problem occurred, and people were unaware, what else is going on that risks my safety and privacy?

Written by juliacapodicasa

May 20, 2010 at 3:39 am

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