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Facebook, is it a site worthy of our trust?

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The population of social networking site users has expanded at a rate far beyond first expected. Whether college students, colleagues, or family members trying to stay in touch, Facebook and Twitter alike have become a link that breaches what could have been seen as social gaps in our society. Users share personal and confidential information through online chats, conversations, notes and pages on Facebook and they insist that this information be protected. As of last Wednesday, April 28th, Facebook breached that trust, and in some ways they fear they will not be able to gain this trust back.

Facebook has instilled a new feature that requires their users to link their personal pages and information or remove the information from their pages altogether. During this change a hole was found in the system in which users were able to essentially see into eachother’s accounts and were even able to read personal conversations and messages through this linked system. Many users were outraged, even though the hole in the system only lasted for roughly 3 hours, it was long enough to lose some users. People fear that Facebook is sharing too much information and that the trust they had instilled in this particular social networking site is limited. Facebook states that this glitch is not enough to effect the success of the overall site, and most users are sticking around as of now. There was a group started about this new change in which 2.2 million users joined in protest of this linking requirement. Although people are frustrated and discouraged Facebook has become part of our social culture and allows users to maintain social relationships, a commitment that is unlikely to end in the near future.

Below is the link to a New York Times article discussing this issue on Facebook:


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May 20, 2010 at 3:41 am

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