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If Sex Sold, America Would be out of Debt

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The biggest debate within families is now the major goal for cable networks. An article in the USA Today (TV Sex: Uncut, Unavoidable) laid it out rather bluntly. “You can definitely see an arms race for sexy content.” Throughout the article Strauss, author, dissects such popular shows as Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Blue Mountain State, Californication, and Nip/ Tuck. All of these series include risky content ranging from scantily clothed women (womanizing) to adultery, from juggling multiple lovers to plastic surgery (striving for the perfect body). Yet content isn’t the only variety one has to chose from. Settings in every era from ancient Roman times to present day college campuses, promises viewers’ needs are specifically tended to. In the 50’s it was against policy to share married couples sleeping in the same bed. Every decade seemed to push the envelope a step further: bellybuttons in the 60’s, braless women in the 70’s, and suggested nudity in the 90’s.

Because of this “natural revolution” some are saying that this continued push in sexual content is a good thing. “Mainstream TV has been frozen in a very puritanical position by Congress, all who don’t seem to understand the First Amendment. Sex is part of life. If people are offended, there’s a simple remedy: Don’t watch.” It might just be my conservative or Christian upbringing but I fully disagree with this statement. The evidence of the evolution time line of sexual content disproves this. Television series have become more and more flamboyant as time progresses. Yes, sex is part of life but the claim “don’t watch” is not a sufficient excuse to escape the world of sex the media has created. We can’t. No one can. Every second of everyday we are surrounded by sexual content. Sex has become the filler in stories that lose credibility of their story lines. It is considered edgy and people pursue it because they can, it’s one’s freedom. I personally consider most of the sexual content presented today distasteful. Watching women in as little clothing as possible, their bones practically stretching their skin and more make up plastered on their face than a costumed clowns is extremely unattractive.

What happened to sexual suspense, leaving creation to our imagination? While I can’t answer that, I can answer where we go from here. Forward. “The line moves every day, so you have to move with it. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.”


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May 20, 2010 at 7:30 pm

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