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Jumping the shark!

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Prior to our class discussion on Monday, I had never heard of the expression “jumped the shark”. I immediately asked my dad, a huge fan of Happy Days, if he had ever heard of this phrase and he responded, “Of course… it refers to when the Fonz jumped the shark!” I thought that the meaning behind the expression was very interesting, for upon hearing it described I instantly began thinking of shows or movie sequels which have jumped the shark.

For example, one the first shows that came to my mind was The Hills. Most everyone knows of Lauren Conrad’s venture from Laguna Beach to the hills of Los Angeles, and the endless drama that seemingly follows her wherever she goes. As one of the biggest fans of “LC”, I admired her glamorous life, success, and ability to always have a good time. However, it is now season SIX and Conrad left The Hills in the last episode of season four. Rumors have developed about the series being scripted, which is hard not to believe after sitting through a few episodes. No hate to Kristen Cavallari, but The Hills has jumped the shark.

I am without a doubt one of the biggest movie addicts; whether it is in a theatre, at the drive-ins, or even on the couch in my family room, I love to see a new movie. More often than not, every movie I see becomes my new favorite (currently, The Pelican Brief). In terms of movies that have jumped the shark, one series immediately popped into my head: the SAW franchise. I couldn’t even tell you what number we are at now, but I think in the process of producing the seventh. I was a huge fan of SAW and appreciated the new kind of horror that it brought. Gruesome, yes, but original and something out of the ordinary; the plots and the stories were so incredibly unimaginable and bizarre. However, in an attempt to interconnect every movie and continue to create new plots, SAW has spun one giant mess of a movie web; I couldn’t even tell you where the storyline lies as of now. Time to put SAW to rest, for it has jumped the shark.

I have never watched a single episode of LOST, but how much more can really happen after a plane crashes into an island? I have heard that they somehow manage to get off the island at one point, yet end up going back? I know how LOST fans are extremely attached to the show, but I am thankful the series is running its final season, for it has jumped the shark as well.

I am also a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, so it is hard for me to say that this series may have jumped the shark. I have seen each of the three movies countless times, but I just cannot wrap my head around the third movie, At World’s End. It feels like a four hour movie, and it further confuses me every time I put it on. Do you feel as though this trilogy has jumped the shark?

Jumping the Shark


Written by Meghan Carroll

May 20, 2010 at 3:32 am

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