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Lennon’s symbolic capital

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Messages on peace, war, violence, and support are often overlooked as people in society are more focused on sustaining themselves rather than others. That is not to say that everyone ignores the social call for help. It’s just that it takes a certain type of motivation to gain awareness on various issues. Aside from his music, John Lennon is widely known for his peace activism. I can assure you that thousands of fans followed his movement based on his influence in music. This type of influence is known as symbolic capital. Pierre Bourdieu describes symbolic capital as a type of resource available to idolized individuals. Their iconic value is a capital in itself and can therefore be used to promote a product, service, or ideology. In Lennon’s case, he promoted peace.

Paired with crazy cool illustrations and animations by Jerry Levitan, this above video displays Lennon’s use of symbolic capital. “Don’t blame the government,” he says. “You put them there.” He then proceeds to give a call for action. This is where he encourages others to take an active role in spreading the good word.

Watch the clip, if not for the interview then for the amazing images. Go!

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May 20, 2010 at 9:20 pm

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