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Madison & Vine Advertising Technique – Sex & the City

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I came across this article which defines and gives an example of “Madison & Vine Advertising”- which I think can help our class better understand what exactly the term means.  In class we spoke about the idea of convergence occurring in the media and discussed the way marketing professionals are now advertising their products to us.  Madison and Vine Advertising is the convergence of traditional media and new technology channels so basically, the mixing of entertainment and advertising.  The article states that “By integrating marketing and entertainment, consumers feel less directly pursued and generally more open to advertising; they are less likely to tune out advertising that is secondary to the entertainment value provided by whatever they are watching than they are to change the channel or ignore a direct advertisement”.  I understand this point, because I know that when there are pop-up advertisements online I tend to ignore them- and I don’t watch many television commercials thanks to tivo.  I am more inclined to take notice to different brands and products when they are mixed into my favorite television shows or movies.
The article provides a great example of Madison & Vine advertising in action- in the tv show & movie: Sex & the City.  For those of you who are familiar with this show, you are well aware of the fact that many different designer products and brand names act as a major part in the lifestyles of these characters. The theme song for the movie is called “Labels or Love”- and the song basically implies that fashion labels are more important than love.  “Time and time again the show reinforces the positive influence of couture on the characters from various designers. The characters wearing a designer’s clothing or accessories they are advertising to the consumer on a deeper level than just a commercial; women identify with these characters, and if high-fashion designers advertise through the characters, selling a lifestyle, thus they reach the consumer on a less biased and more influential level”.  If you think about all of your favorite shows/movies/songs- you will find endless examples of Media & Vine Advertising!

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May 20, 2010 at 3:43 am

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