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Miley in the Media

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The new Miley Cyrus video, “Can’t Be Tamed,” is entirely too provocative for such a young girl to perform. It is even more inappropriate for her target audience, young girls.  Seductively dancing in a revealing low cut costume with other sexy dancers was particularly disturbing.  I had to keep reminding myself that she is only 17 years old and that her mom was on the set while she was filming this.  There was no way that I could envision doing that performance in front of “my” mom.

To make matters worse, Miley makes a reference in an interview on MTV that the dancing in her video can be compared to the “Thriller” video.  Unfortunately for her, the dancing in her video appears sloppy and without much choreography.  Since the Michael Jackson video has long been thought of as the best of all time, Miley making this type of comparison is absolutely ridiculous and shows her immaturity. 

Her lyrics talk about getting “Her own way,” and how she “Can’t be tamed” only do more to prove that she is not the role model that I would want my daughter to look up to.  She blew the opportunity to put a desperately needed positive image on the screen for young girls to emulate.

I totally understand that she wants to break away from the little girl “Hannah Montana” image, but this is not the way to go.  I am surprised that she hasn’t learned from all the young performers that have come before her.  Shocking the audience might work for a moment in time and get some press, but for a long lasting and a respected career, class and quality is the all important rule for success.


Written by Dayna Blair

May 20, 2010 at 7:32 pm

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