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New Nintendo DS 3D

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3D Nintendo DS portion of video begins at 1:21 and finishes at 1:51 during the youtube video.


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Nintendo has just released to the press recently that they will begin producing a new Nintendo DS in 2010-2011.  What’s so new and exciting about this new model DS?  The new feature specific to this model for the Nintendo DS is 3D.  Instead of trying to use output 3D imaging (3D imaging that projects out from the base, in this case, the actual Nintendo DS), the team at Nintendo have used somewhat the opposite thought to produce the new 3D DS.  Nintendo has created the 3D effect by projecting 3D images into the screen rather than out of the screen.  In other words, the 3D imaging Nintendo uses for the new DS projects the images away from you and into the screen to produce depth, rather than having the images being projected out of the screen at you.  This could possibly be the next new step in gaming.  Gaming and movies have always been 2D with the exception of the last year or so.  Movie makers have recently been pressured into producing the all new, all popular, 3D movies, while this is the first 3D we have seen for a handheld game system.  If the marketing, production, and selling of this 3D gaming goes well for Nintendo in the next couple of years (expected to begin selling in stores in 2011) then we will be sure to see more gaming systems such as Playstation3 and XBOX360 to produce 3D games to the public soon after.  If 3D gaming is produced more by other gaming companies and the projection of 3D is upgraded to almost life-like 3D projection, then the gaming industry will quite possibly move to produce only 3D games.


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May 20, 2010 at 3:10 pm

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