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Today, well 15 minutes ago, I was browsing the CNN homepage and found many different stories about the big day in the stock market, the new Supreme Court nominee, and the recent violence in Iraq, all relevant information that actually impacts our lives, but then I came across this story, Obama Can’t Work An Ipod. Really? and my mind was sort of blown. The full page story, that has already attracted over 150 comments and is featured on the CNN homepage, is about whether or not President Obama knows how to use an Ipod. Recent comments he made during a commencement speech at Hampton University in Virginia have stirred up some “controversy” about the Presidents ability to use this type of technology.

Although I read the full page story and was unfortunately kind of interested in whether or not he knows how to use an Ipod, is this really worthy of being news? Does the fact that our president can’t use an Ipod really have any impact on the economy or the war in Iraq? To me it doesn’t. The guy carries around a Blackberry with him everywhere he goes, his presidential campaign was one of the most technologically advanced in history, it is not like he is my grandpa who can’t tell a cell phone from a calculator. I think his comments have been taken out of context and what was a mere joke has now turned into “newsworthy” information that only distracts us from the real problems that are plaguing this world. The man (President Obama) is a Harvard Law graduate I’m sure he can figure out the difference between the play and pause button. Even if for some reason he is to busy to put that effort in isn’t that why he has staffers?

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May 20, 2010 at 4:50 pm

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