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One in Fifty Two Isn’t Bad

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When I say green, what do you think of? Money maybe, a stop light, or the environment? For many years economics and Mother Nature have contradicted each other. However, for one week every year, this is put aside to celebrate Earth Day. It began in 1970 as a public movement. Over twenty million people participated in Earth Day festivities on the day of its birth. Nixon then used its popularity as a push for political votes. The reason Earth Day had such media and nationwide attention is because of its public popularity. Major environmental organizations actually had almost nothing to do with this day. This day continued its yearly rituals until the late 90’s. When the economy was at its best, organizations could pay for their damage, the government could hide it, and the public could afford it. During this time, harm was being done to the environment that is now undoable. When the time came to make changes, the recession hit, making businesses unable to switch to energy efficient producing methods. Today, most companies make efforts for one week a year. I guess one in fifty two isn’t bad….

This year, a couple companies and focusing events happened to make Earth Day on the public agenda. NBC made all of their current shows do an environmental episode that incorporated something green. The feature film Avatar was released on Earth Day, and commercials for the company Seventh Generation filled the open slots on every channel, making the slogan “saving planet home” swimming in my head all day. Maybe it’s my interest in Environmental Policy but one week out of an entire year isn’t going to change anything. Companies may pretend that they care or that going green is the new hip trend to follow but they don’t follow up on what they say. It’s going to take a major focusing event to get public to push this movement once again, the way it did in the 70’s.

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May 20, 2010 at 9:20 pm

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