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(Project Natal Advertisement)

(Project Natal- Milo)

Project Natal is an amazing new technology.  This new feature for the XBOX360 is said to be released Christmas Day of 2010, however there are versions of the Natal Project that are already being used as prototypes for marketing purposes (as seen in the video).  Now what is so special about Project Natal?  Well, Project Natal uses more intricate technologies.  Specifically, Project Natal uses new voice and facial recognition features to help differentiate and recognize each person interacting with the interface.  Also, Natal uses a new scanning technology which actually allows the player to scan in objects (such as the boy in the video when he scans a real-life skateboard to be scanned into the game).  Another interesting thing about this project is the detail that it produces.  With the help of the facial recognition, voice recognition, and scanning ability, Project Natal is extraordinarily detailed.  With these three technological advances, Project Natal becomes more than a game for the XBOX360.  It becomes an interaction.  Sure there is the possibility of scanning in objects (such as the skateboard) to simply enjoy just a game more realistically on the XBOX360.  However, there are also other incredible opportunities with this new invention.  As seen in the video, Project Natal users can interact with each other, whether playing a trivia game against each other or searching for prom dresses through Natal, Project Natal users can interact with each other from different places all over the world or even right down the street.  Project Natal does not just read facial recognition, but it also reads the emotion from facial recognition and this is portrayed in the Project Natal’s characters’ reactions and faces as well.  So, for example, if I were interacting with a Project Natal character like Milo (see second video), the facial recognition would read my facial emotion as well and Milo would be able to tell if I was happy, sad, angry, surprised, etc. just by scanning my facial expressions.  If I was frowning and looked sad, the facial recognition would realize this and send the message to Milo, the Natal character.  Milo’s facial expression might also change to a sad, curious expression and he may even ask why I seem sad.  Another example from the Milo video deals with the scanning technology.  In the Milo video the helper, Clare, draws a picture and holds it up for Milo to see.  The scanner scans the picture she drew on the piece of paper and then Milo reaches up to receive a virtual piece of paper that feels like it is supposed to be the same exact paper Clare was handing to him.  The scanning technology recognized the relative size and color of the paper and scans it into a virtual copy for Milo to receive.  This new technology seems like it will be the new up and coming technology of 2010 and beyond.

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May 20, 2010 at 4:50 pm

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