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Projection of Technology

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I watched this in my journalism class and I found it really interesting.  It was made in 2005 and they projected what would be going on with technology in the next 10 years.  Its interesting to see what they thought would be invented, and what really was.  Somethings that were projected are really like what we have today I found most interesting the Google grid which is just like Google earth and streetview today but others, like Googlezon do not exist.  Its a kinda long video but, it makes me wonder if one was made today what would be projected for our future in 2020.  Also, its weird that the internet knows so much about you from what you search and buy, and what is projected in this video to have everyones information in one file is a little scary, that even if they aren’t doing this yet.. they’re planning on it.


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May 20, 2010 at 8:06 pm

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