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After doing a project for my religion class on religion and technology I realized how much all the knowledge I’ve gained on media and media literacy from both this class as well as my prior communications foundation classes has shaped my perspectives on technology.

After looking into the different outlets that technology is providing religious folks with the opportunity to both practice and express their faith, I found a link between technology and the direction religion is taking towards independent practice rather than the traditional community structure.  I credit finding this link to my education in communication and the media.

People now have the option to attend mass from the comfort of their own home by tuning into the national broadcasting of Joel Osteen’s show.  YouTube is allowing for the debate, support, and spread of religious thoughts and ideas, and now even the I-Phone is hopping on the bandwagon with religious ‘apps’, talk about having an app for that, there really is one for everything.  (There’s a rosary app, that allows you to pray the rosary from your I-Phone.  The corresponding prayers show up on the screen as you move the beads with your finger.)

Professor Robert Geraci of Manhattan College contributed to this discussion in saying that, “technology changes how religious practitioners operate.  Some technologies for example, reconfigure authority because they allow greater individual engagement (say, internet v. television) while others allow for religious practice outside of standard religious environments (YouTube) and this might diminish the likelihood of traditional participation in religious groups.”


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May 20, 2010 at 3:35 am

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