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The Facebook Bug

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One word that comes to mind when thinking of Facebook is huge. It seems like everyone has caught on and caught the Facebook bug! Facebook is doing something right with over 400 million people in the social media network with thousands and even millions more joining every day. However over the past few days, Facebook has been experiencing its fair share of bugs and glitches said to be because of the frequent changes and additions to the website. In one instance, users’ private instant messages could be accessed by their friends. In another recent bug, users’ pending friend requests were revealed. In order to ensure that its users are happy, Facebook has to step up its game. I would not want to make 400 million plus people unhappy by revealing their unintended personal information over the internet.
On a different note, these 400 million people agreed to Facebook’s Terms of Use and said that they agreed to Facebook’s Privacy Policy. Thus, these 400 million people, myself included, are putting ourselves out there and indirectly agreeing to let Facebook allow incidents to happen with our personal information.

Written by maddymuldoon

May 20, 2010 at 3:43 am

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