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The Killers take to Twitter to Address Rumors

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Being an avid fan of Las Vegas based rock band, The Killers, I was concerned after rumors began spreading that the band was breaking up following their “Day & Age Tour” which ended earlier this year. During the tour I was lucky enough to score front row tickets at Madison Square Garden. I was following the band through twitter as they would post pictures of the different crowds they were playing for, from concerts in Scotland, to Brazil, to California. Towards the end of the tour, rumors were spreading that the band members were extensively fighting to the point where they would be forced to break up. Recently, The Killers teased on twitter – They told fans to constantly check their main website for “upcoming big news.” When you went to their website, you were greeted with a timer counting downwards. When this timer ran out, many speculated that a huge announcement was going to be made regarding the future of the band. However, during the countdown, The Killers announced that they were going on a short hiatus to rest following over six years of constant touring. Their Twitter still insisted that big news was coming. Many, including myself, kept checking the website until finally the timer ran out. It turns out that frontman Brandon Flowers announced a solo album, called “Flamingo.” People are able to sign up for information regarding the album on their website. The site also features a loop of a track that will presumably be on the album. I found it interesting that a major band was teasing their fans with such a “big announcement” coming up in the future by using Twitter. It shows how Twitter has this ability to get news out in the entertainment industry. Twitter was used by the band to create suspense about what their upcoming announcement would be. Would it be a new album? A break-up? A new tour? Fans love this form of direct communication with their idols. For me, a Brandon Flowers solo album was worth the week of suspense and fear that perhaps the band was breaking up for good.

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May 20, 2010 at 3:41 am

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