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“We all are learning the rules, and it’s that entertainment is king”

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“We all are learning the rules, and it’s that entertainment is king,” said Roger Camp in an article titled “Why Long-Form Ads Are the Wave of the Future”, by Rupal Parekh.  I found this article on a website called Advertising Age- in the category of Madison + Vine.  This website provides information and further links to many different issues, news stories, media works, etc.  In a previous blog, I spoke about the term Madison + Vine and what exactly it is: being the connection/intertwining of media and entertainment.

I’m not sure how many of you have seen Lady Gaga’s most recent music video “Telephone”- featuring Beyoncé.  For those of you who haven’t, it is almost ten minutes long and according to this article “gained 28 million views on YouTube,has been watched on nearly 500,000 times,shared on Facebook, and tweeted directly from the pop star’s site some 150,000 times.”  In this video we see appearances of many different products/brands like wonder bread, miracle whip, and dating site advertisement for just to name a few.
This is a perfect example of Madison + Vine.
Aside from the typical thirty-second commercial clips or online advertisements, media professionals are coming to realize the benefits in promoting their brands in films/popular pieces/ television shows, etc.  “While advertisers are looking for efficiencies in short-format/multiple platforms, they are also looking for new ways to engage consumers. … One way to do that is through short films and fun pieces that create awareness of the brand, and reward consumers.”
Below is a link to Gaga’s music video – check it out for yourself, see how many brand promotions you can point out.

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May 20, 2010 at 3:06 pm

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