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2010: the new golden year

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Betty White, who is a tv icon and best knwon for her role has a golden girl has launched herself back into America’s hearts in 2010.

White bursted onto the scene agin in 2010 with her appearance in the snickers super bowl commercial. The commercial instantly got allot of popularity because betty white is the exact opposite as the average football player. She also started alongside Sandra bullock and Ryan Reynolds in the movie the proposal as she plays the witty and crazy grandmother of the  groom to be. However, it wasn’t until an innocent fan became so impressed with betty white’s recent popularity that he suggest she should host SNL as his facebook status, that she became an icon again. The status got so much publicity that it eventually caught the eyes of the show’s producers and they recruited white to do the show. White is now the oldest host SNL has ever had and after an overwhelming performance in a skit with jay-z, white is back in popular demand. She  now has an offer to be in the next season of dancing with the starts as america seems it can’t get enough of the girl.


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May 21, 2010 at 2:54 am

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