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Aids Among Homosexuals Being Shown on Television

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Nowadays, television shows just about anything. However, one network stands to stick out a little more than that of CBS, ABC, FOX, etc. MTV shows all sorts of topics and even topics that may still be frowned upon. Homosexuality has been shown in many shows that have been broadcasting on MTV. For example, the show True Life sometimes focuses in on Lesbians, Gays, and Bi-Sexuals. Other networks like CBS, ABC, and FOX were having a harder time at grasping the seriousness of the homosexual world and showing the concern for AIDS among these people. AIDS is an ongoing disease that many are diagnosed with everyday. Whether it be by birth or sexual transmission. ABC is the first  network that started to bring this topic into awareness. ABC lauched a show that deals with the obstacles that a family is faced with from their son being diagnosed with AIDS by sexual transmission based off us his homosexuality. The producer of the show has said that this would not be an easy way to win over a crowd because this is such a controversial issue concerning homosexuality and the concern for sexually transmitted diseases. ABC was hoping to further show the difficulties certain families face when one of their loved ones is homosexual and ends up contracting AIDS. Now, networks like MTV, ABC, CBS, and Fox are all showing shows that contain homosexuality and the spread of AIDS. A lot of the times now you will see a commercial that asks for you to go down to NYC and help with the AIDS walk in finding a cure or they will put a number at the bottom of the commercial that shows where you can donate money for more research. Regardless, ABC was one of the first to help make this dream come true and to further accept homosexuality among television while showing the concerns in finding a cure for AIDS.


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May 21, 2010 at 5:26 pm

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