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Another iPhone Prototype Found

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Once again, an iPhone prototype has been found.  How could a company as secret as apple keep letting this happen?  I think a major part of their appeal is the surprises they continue to put out year after year.  Now twice this year, a prototype of the iPhone has been found revealing some of the secrets from the magical world of apple.  As an apple fan myself, I am quite disappointed that something like this could actually happen twice.  Who is apple trusting to keep their new products under wraps?  This not only hurts the company, but the hearts of many hoping to be the first to touch the new iPhone 4G.

This of course could be a fake prototype planted to be found, but the technology found within the phone is apple like.  Some researches have even said that the technology found is similar to the new iPad which came out last month.


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May 21, 2010 at 6:54 pm

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