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Another one bites the dust: handwriting vs. typing

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Most education systems require children usually  in the 3rd grade to learn how to write cursive.  This article is about how because of the use of communication today, education systems may be eliminating teaching cursive handwriting from the curriculum.  Schooling systems think that cursive isn’t important because society is gearing towards technology.  The schools say that teaching cursive would be a “waste of time” and that students should learn to be “technologically literate” at an earlier age.  An elementary teacher in Florida spoke about this debate and said; “With all the other subjects we must teach, we just don’t have the time to spend a lot of effort on cursive.”  Not only are some schools not going to be teaching cursive, but  some schools in Tennessee decided to not teach children handwriting at all.

This article reminds me of the book “Convergence Culture” because Jenkins talks about how old technology is being replaced by new technolgy.  I’m sure in earlier eras, being able to write on paper was considered something close to technology.  Now simple tasks such as handwriting is being replaced by technology.  The children that are not learning handwriting I believe will have a difficult time when they are older because people who can still write will still be around.  If these students are not being taught cursive, they will not be able to read it and therefore have the ability to communicate with older generations.


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May 21, 2010 at 6:54 pm

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