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Children are the Targets

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Looking at a cereal box now, you would think that it is Kellogs Frosted Flakes in a cardboard box. At the age of 20 I wouldn’t think, “Oh my god its Tony the Tiger, I wanna be just like him. Big and strong.” But as a kid, this is how you would see the cereal box. If the kid wanted to try a new cereal they wouldn’t go for whether or not it has a substantial amount of vitamins and has less sugar, and so on. The kid is going to be attracted to the colors on the box, the mascot of the cereal, and the shapes of the cereal. This is what advertisers have done to market their products towards children. Almost everything is marketed towards children, whether its mac and cheese to cereal. However, all this marketing towards children is what has created the rate in obesity to skyrocket. Now, since obesity is such a growing epidemic, the FTC is making it their responsibility to limit the advertising towards children or the products that are being advertised.


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May 21, 2010 at 5:27 pm

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