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Chonga Stereotypes

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When reading about stereotypes, and what a person is suppose to act like because of how they look or their heritage, get appreciated because so many people follow the stereotypes and keep them standing. For many Hispanic girls, there is a certain look that they must follow, and are always seen to be the same woman. A Hispanic woman is one who recently hopped the border, or one of their close relatives have, live in poverty, they have a specific attitude towards others who aren’t Hispanic, and always wear tight clothing. As a joke a video on Youtube ¬†became popular, about two “Chongas.” These girls are taking every stereotype towards Hispanic women, and utilizing them as a joke to say how that isn’t who a true Hispanic woman is. the video is funny and made a large splash is ratings on the website. Myself being Mexican, would never be stereotyped as Hispanic because of my looks, and actually gets criticized when stating my heritage. These stereotypes can be seen to either demolish the look of a “hispanic woman” with these kinds of videos, or could actually encourage the look. the look is quite dramatized in the video, as it is meant to be for humor, but truly some woman are seen to look in that matter, but more Hispanic women need to stand out to change this stereotype into something more real, or stop the stereotype completely, since it is demeaning to all Hispanic women.


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May 21, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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