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Comparing Commercials Based on Gender

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When looking at commercials that are generalized towards one gender, selling a similar product can lead to very different advertisements. As in class, we watched a Dove commercial that was advertising for women, to make all women feel beautiful in their bodies, no matter their size or shape. For men’s body wash commercials, we see a different side where the commercials are either based upon humor or masculinity.[cp-documentid=7049579]“>

This Dove commercial shows a boy who wants to spend time with a girl, and even at a young age, he sees beauty in this girl named Amy. Amy is seen to not like herself, so she refuses to come outside. The boy calls her from outside all night, but the commercial never sees Amy come out.The Dove campaign has many commercials that try to empower women to be who they are, and truly love every aspect of their bodies.  Women are more known than men not to like their bodies, but Dove wants more women to realize why there is such a skinny stereotype of what women are supposed to be, and how that picture in women’s minds are never what real women look like.


A type of men’s commercial for body wash, are the new commercials for Old Spice. Terry Crews is featured in the commercials as a strong man who uses his muscles or his strong attitude to sell the product. The commercials are hysterical and none of them are the same. One is about how Old Spice give Terry the power to break apart and then recreate the sun due to the power her has from his muscles, and the realm of each of the commercials are just so ridiculous that the viewer has to watch. This advertisement campaign is clearly different from Dove’s, but it is selling to a different venue, and the product is selling. I have heard men stating how they will buy the product just because of how funny the commercials are and how they want to just try it. Even though the commercials are ridiculous and not structured or have meaning like Dove, both body washes are selling.

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May 21, 2010 at 2:55 am

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