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EA starts to put a price on online gaming

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With today’s  economy in  a financial crisis there are two things that video gamers love the most: playing online for free, and buying a game used at a lower price.  However, Ea sports is now putting a price on that love. The video game company announced today that starting with tiger woods PGA Tour11, all future EA Sports games for the  PlayStation 3 and the X box 360 will come with  a one time, “online pass” that will enable them to play online. however if users buy the games sued, or rent it from blockbuster/game-fly users will have to pay 10 dollars for an additional online pass.  As a gamer, i find this to be ridiculous because I’m already paying an X box live fee to play my games online, so i do not need an extra 10 dollar charge for sports games. also i feel that for the most part, all EA games are the same every year with better graphics, music, and an updated roster, for these reasons its not worth it to buy the game used if I’m going to pay an additional 10 dollars for online play. I strongly feel that as a result of this change two things will occur. First, game fly and blockbuster’s sports games will not sell and both companies stock will go down a decent amount. Also, people will just keep the playing the older versions of the game  and the newer versions will not sell as expected. in essence, I feel that not only will this move hurt EA but ion the long-run, but  it will also hurt other gamer services as well.


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May 21, 2010 at 2:54 am

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