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Ever notice those ads that pop up on the side of the page that look like previous sites you have visited before? When I go on my gmail account, all I see are ads along the sides of my page. Their not just bogus ads either. Their ads that relate to the websites I have visited in the past like Victoria Secret, Mandees, or Zappos. This is exactly what advertisers have started to do differently. Instead of just making those annoying ads that pop up that have no relevance to anything you would ever want or need; advertisers are now starting to find link up their tags with websites you go to so that they can personally advertise to you. However, the leading culprit in this new way of advertising is Facebook. Since Facebook exploded once everybody found out about it into over 2 million users worldwide, marketers have found Facebook as their leading middleman to get their advertisements across to the right people. Now advertisers have figured out a way to link certain advertisements to Facebook users just by what their information says about them. Facebook has pages you can look at of the user where you can see their favorite music, favorite hobbies, and pretty much anything about them. Well, marketers have used this to their advantage in seeking out new ways to get their products across to all the people who may want to buy them.


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May 21, 2010 at 5:27 pm

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