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I Don’t Consider Myself a Feminist BUT….

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After all of the discussion in class about the hard bodied men of the 80’s, their contributions to society, their unfortunate situations that allow them to save the world, and their physical features that cause them to be indestructible, I felt it unfair to the female persona in entertainment. Until recently women were seen as caretakers. They still are. I grew up in a strong household. I have five sisters, and being one of the last children in the family, I was raised much like a boy. I played football in middle school, went on hunting trips with my dad, and to this day hate the color pink. I played four sports until my senior year in high school due to an injury. You could say that my view on women was not normal. I thought every woman should want the type of life I did. I saw them weak to not want it. Why not take what so many people have fought for in the past. I graduated with a class of 700 and I could name about 50 of the students that already have babies! Why would you want to be settled somewhere now? I wanted a life, to know I could support myself, and to travel as much as I could. Although I don’t consider myself a feminist today, twenty or thirty years ago, I’d probably be considered a radical.

Unfortunately, I had little inspiration in media or society to help me. All I’ve had for motivation is Wonder Woman ….until recently. Hard bodied men are giving way to the hard bodied Woman. Today, movies, TV shows, literature, and music all are beginning to portray women in a strong and independent light. Movies like “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” with Angelina Jolie and “The Blindside” with Sandra Bullock both present strong representations of women in their respective roles. TV shows including “In Plain Sight” and a new series “Covert Affairs” all star or co-star women who portray emotional strength and independence. Even Law and Order, one of the longest running shows on television, has Olivia Benson (in SVU specifically) who outshines male costars. If they aren’t the main character, series have added female sidekicks who are specialists in combat. “Burn Notice” with Fiona, the weapons dealer, and “NCIS” with Zeva, the Israeli spy are prime example of strong women sidekicks. As far as popular literature, even Twilight in hoping on the band wagon. Bella, the main character, is not physically strong, she controls almost every action carried out by the two over muscled men in her life. Music has female role models like Alisha Keys who has always sang about strength and knowing yourself and new comer Taylor Swift who has major appeal with young girls. She preaches abstinence and knowing when someone is taking advantage of you. I think as young women realize their potential and want to achieve it, we will see the change toward equality and success in the work force and entertainment.

Written by minisoda4

May 21, 2010 at 2:51 am

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