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Music Quality Declines with Small Devices

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The New York Times presented a story early last week discussing iPods and how they are compressed computer files. Jon Zimmer, a fan of music believes that audio systems today are “sucking the life out of music.”

Although there has been advancements in the field of technology, even ones that include surround sound, HD TV, 3-D TV  etc…music quality is not be improved.

The thinner and thinner music players become, the more compressed the music files also become. Meaning the sound will crackle, and harder to hear.

Today our public is so obsessed with the newest and coolest technology that we are forgetting its original purpose. Although having thin devices can be beneficial, I personally think the quality of the music is the most important aspect, not the size of the music player.

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May 21, 2010 at 5:28 pm

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