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Search Engine Advertisements

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In class, we discussed how search engines should need no advertisements, especially Google, and all its success. Most recently though, Google has gotten a more well known competitor. has been created and is advertised as easier than Google and will bring a user closer to where they want to be and will do it in a much shorter time. With Google, the search engine gives a user many links to use, in which certain users like, but Bing is supposed to make the experience much easier, by knowing where the user is from, and easily give the user what they want. By putting just “movies” into Bing, the user can pick Movies in their area, since it automatically comes up, and the movies playing are displayed and the times. It is actually must more user friendly.

The commercial shown this past Super bowl for Google, was used just to play on the viewers emotions and not truly sell the product. There are millions of Google users, so the company figured they had nothing to worry about. In new Bing advertisements, the company comically shows the viewers how easy it is to use the site and how it can give you many options to choose from. The original commercials show how people have such a “link overload” which comes from using Google, and this can be “cured” by using Bing. Bing is there to get straight to the point instead of making the user have to search far lengths to get what they want.

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May 21, 2010 at 5:28 pm

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