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Diaspora: The Student-Made, Privacy-Respecting Facebook Alternative

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You have probably all noticed that the little ads on the side of your Facebook page are eerily connected to information you’ve searched for, online purchases, or things listed in your interests on Facebook.  And it’s no secret that advertisers use our personal information to target their audiences.  Maybe it works for them, but honestly it seems like a breach of privacy.  And frankly, its a little creepy.  But with Facebook admittedly being a crucial part of college life, it’s hard to just give it up.  In fact, it’s almost necessary today to stay constantly and instantly connected at that digital level.

To combat this issue, “four enterprising NYU students thought the world could do with a social networking service that wouldn’t treat your personal information like advertiser catnip. So they started building Diaspora.

They conceive of it as the “privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network,” one on which people share strictly on their own terms. Every user will have their own encrypted, customizable “node” on the Diaspora network, and personal data will reside on that user’s computer, as opposed to a centralized hub.”

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It seems like these guys have the right idea, but it seems like Facebook is so successful because of the huge amount of advertising done on the site.  Hopefully they will be able to create the hype without the little annoyances that turn people away.  And it had better be free!


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May 22, 2010 at 11:17 pm

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