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Grassroots YouTube Sensation

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Today we spoke in class about that Justin Bieber punk and debated whether or not he was an example of a typical grassroots youtube senstation. This reminded me of a rather personal story about a fiend of mine who is actually experiencing this type of publicity now. As the story goes, my friend from home came across a video of the teenage makeup instructor, “Juicy Star,” on youtube after mistaking her tutorial for mac makeup products for a review of a Macintosh computer. This rookie mistake turned for the best after he decided to ask this attractive youtube sensation to prom via a video response to the video he saw earlier. Oddly enough, she said yes and the entire story has blown up since. My friend’s video response now has over 180,000 views and multiple news stations and networks have either written stories about his good fortune or are seeking to. This entire phenomenon has me questioning how new forms of media, like youtube and webcams are altering our actual forms of communication and ability to communicate. Would it have been harder for my friend to ask a different girl out to prom in real life? Possibly. But, he never would have been able to go to prom with a youtube sensation if there was no youtube or webcam capabilities.

Here is a link to the most recent new package filmed the day of my friends prom.


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May 22, 2010 at 11:16 pm

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