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Its “Sexting” not “Texting”

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Sexting, apparently its the new texting. Except there is one HUGE difference. You can actually go to jail for sexting. Sending nude pictures has become the rage especially amoung the younger generation. 20 percent of teens have admitted to sexting. However, the ironic thing is, the ones sending out the nude pictures are not the ones ending up in jail. Rather, those who are receiving the pictures are being charged for child pornography because in many cases the boys are 15 or 16 while the girls are 14. But still, is it really necessary to put them behind bars? Watching pornography is legal. A “sext” from a girlfriend can somehow put you in jail? It’s quite ironic. 

Here’s the article that struck my thoughts:


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May 22, 2010 at 11:20 pm

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