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Betty White had her share in the spotlight back in the 80’s with her hit show the, “Golden Girls” Like the majority of 80’s shows, the show lives on with dedicated fans and the help of network shows like “Nick at Night” and While TV lovers, got their fix from what many call, the original “Sex and the City”. Betty White is being reintroduced to a new generation, who are already in love with her. Betty started to become a little bit more popular with roles in “The Proposal”. Her Superbowl ad was instant hit and was considered one of the best of the night. Her big comeback moment came when she was asked to host Saturday Night Live, last weekend. With the help of Facebook, the actress had the spotlight all to herself and delivered one of the best episodes of SNL this year. As we talked about in class, social networks has changed a lot of the things we do. Facebook helps us communicate with lost friends from high school but also is used as a big promotional tool for many companies. It gives us the foundation and tools to communicate to the masses. Several hundreds of people, were able to get an actor on a comedy stage, just by posting their excitement over the possibility.

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May 22, 2010 at 11:13 pm

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