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New Social Sites For 2010

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(Video above was created December 8th of 2009.  This is a look into the future of popular 2010 online sites and why these sites are expected to be the next big thing)

In this video (link above), Daisy Whitney of the online short episode show New Media Minute, asked Bill Tancer (a researcher at Hitwise and author of “Click”) what exactly would be popular online trends we should expect to see in the year 2010.  Whitney describes how the “Online Adopters” are the people who visit and interact with sites such as facebook or youtube before the sites become popular.  The Online Adopters are the first people to interact and somewhat judge what is beneficial or good about the site and what errors or aspects need to be fixed or changed as well.  These Online Adopters are the people who have the opportunity to show the online population what the next big thing online is.  Whitney continues to describe what Tancer has expressed to her about the new and upcoming online media trends.  Firstly, people online are moving away from crowded online content to organized, editable, point of view releasing sites such as, Good Morning Yahoo, and  These sites have the similar aspect, as Whitney described, to share points of view about certain issues in the media or politics.  Also, Whitney continues to describe the presence of early online adopters turning towards “mobile video sharing” and also “video sharing across online social networks” such as,, and  buzznet and deviantart are social networks that share online art and music while fixya is a social site that teaches the user how to fix things.  The question is, “Are these social online sites going to be as popular as Whitney and Tancer believe they will be, or will the online population surprise Whitney and Tancer and find other sites to become popular?”  The only way to be sure is to wait and observe the trends in the year 2010.


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