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Newsweek’s “Straight Talk”

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Newsweek is considered to be a respected magazine. Last week, they released an issue, that still has people talking. The story was about gay actors in the business. They declared that these actors cannot play straight actors. Many gay actors are speaking out because they feel that were discriminated because, the magazine has no right to signal them out. Many prominent openly gay celebrities and their supporters have come out to speak their minds about the subject. Since we live in a society, where news is traveled in speed of light, the Internet blogs got their hands on the issues very fast and everyone from a national blog to personal blogs expressed their opinions on the subject.
Newsweek decided to take the chance and talk to celebrities and have them explain themselves. I believed this was a great way for the newspaper to try to shed a positive light to the situation. They used the Internet, the same format that hurt them, to try to clarify their article. It may not help completely, the issue will probably be still discussed in the upcoming weeks, but they are not running away from it, like most celebrities and national publications tend to do.

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May 22, 2010 at 11:13 pm

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