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The Evolution of Mario Bros.

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An interesting thing I noticed on my flight to Detroit the other day was the amount of children playing Mario related video games. They were playing on their PSP’s, Nintendo Ds, and all sorts of handheld systems I’m not sure I’ve seen before. It was while I was sitting next to my buddy Andy, a 6 year old who I could swear is the greatest Mario Bros. player of his generation, I noticed how much the graphics and details of the game have changed over time. I found myself amazed at how far video games have come, especially Mario games. I remembered playing on the small TV; super Nintendo was the greatest form of entertainment. Now, my games on my cell phone blow its graphics out of the water. But sticking to Mario, the question I like to ask is why children are so attracted to him? For years, Mario Bros. has been successful in the market and continue to gain the interest of their youth. Has Mario Bros. simply built an image that children are attracted to? Or have they been so consistent in their quality that older generations are continuing to recommend them? As it seems Mario will never get old, there is one last major point I would like to show you. As a kid, I loved children’s TV shows. Some included Rugrats, Doug, Arthur, and Rocket Power. These shows were loved by many kids, but where have they gone? Have they gotten old? Have kids changed their interest in cartoons? While all of these shows have since disappeared, Mario Bros. has remained strong, consistently gaining the interest of its youth year in and year out. It is safe to say that the evolution of Mario has something about it that just never loses the interests of kids.

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May 22, 2010 at 11:09 pm

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