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As Much as Music is Digitized, Studio Instruments Stay Steadfast

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This post is a comment on the current digitization of music. My final paper was written on this phenomenon, and I’d like to comment on something I noted based on my observations after writing the paper.

Although the digitization of music has skyrocketed, making music take on pure informational form, music still sticks with its roots in material-based instruments to make sound. In other words, we still rely on studio instruments to make music, and aren’t trashing them for digitized ones.

Maybe technology has yet to get good enough, although it could get good enough very soon, or maybe it is just a trend that will never happen. But I also find it interesting that while we move towards digitizing more and more information these days, the trend in music is to have a pure, studio instrumental sound. There is integrity found in the musician that uses real instruments.Look at the Dave Matthews Band, who sells out concerts still every summer, and is stocked with a studio band.

As much as I support technology moving forward I truly hope that this one factor of life stays in the old age. Real musical instruments can’t be beat.


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May 23, 2010 at 12:11 am

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