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Enough reality TV…TV show Glee makes headlines!

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I am so happy to be writing about the TV show Glee.  It has totally changed television for the better, while leaving fans of all ages continually wanting more.  After watching the hour long show, the viewer actually feels as though they were watching a Broadway musical.  Although the cast doesn’t just perform musical show numbers, they also find unique ways of integrating current chart hits.  The performances are truly amazing and the vocals are flawless.    

The main focus of Glee is on students and a teacher from a high school glee club in Ohio.  The teacher’s words inspire these students, some of which were considered the geeks of their school, to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.  This is where the success of this show lies.  Since we all can relate to not fitting in at some point in our lives, Glee gives us all a happy ending.  In other words there is always hope if you believe in yourself.

The casting of this show is incredible.  Matthew Morrison, who portrays the teacher, William Schuster, starred on Broadway in Hairspray among other successful shows.  Lea Michele, who plays the role of Rachel Berry, starred in the original musical, Spring Awaking, which earned her a Drama Desk Award and the list goes on.

We finally have a show that gives families a reason to reunite in front of the TV to enjoy a program filled with intelligence, compassion and talent, so therefore I am stunned that any media outlet would say anything negative about such a positive phenomenon.  Unfortunately Newsweek had to stoop that low in printing Ramin Setoodeh’s article entitled, “Straight Jacket.”  Within his article he states that the gay actors in Glee shouldn’t play straight roles since they aren’t believable.  This provoked the creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, to write an open letter calling for the boycott of Newsweek.  I think we all should do exactly that.

In my opinion, why criticize a program that is bringing such much joy and high- quality entertainment to all of us, especially when  every night of the week the airways are filled with cheap reality TV shows glorifying unintelligent  people whose lifestyles are filled with selfishness and unearned sense of entitlement.  Quite honestly, those are the type of shows that deserve Newsweek’s criticism.


Written by Dayna Blair

May 23, 2010 at 12:02 am

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