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erinTMZ – Erin Andrews, of ESPN fame — the woman who was spied on by creepy Peeping Tom Michael Barrett — will be a contestant on the next “Dancing with the Stars “
This is not an overly educational post, but I thought it was interesting and pertained to the class a little. It describes how Erin Andrews a sports broadcaster has become increasingly more of a celebrity and pop culture presence. This has been a developing trend in broadcasting especially sports broadcasting. People who cover the games are often as famous as those playing in them. Throughout the history of broadcasting, reporters have made a name for themselves such as Harry Caray and in the early days of ESPN, Chris Berman. Recently the people covering the games have become media personalities. In fact Erin Andrews is following fellow in the footsteps ESPN reporter Kenny Mayne who was voted off the same reality show only a few episodes into his season. Kenny Mayne has seen a lot of popularity lately probably due to his appearance. Erin Andrews is probably looking for a similar result.
According to this article this move follows the release of inappropriate pictures rumored to be a publicity stunt and more than hinted at by this blogger. Whether or not those claims are legitimate, the rise in public popularity of broadcasters has definitely increased. Members of the media are house hold names now and this has led to an increase in the celebrity stature of many journalists and broadcasters. It is an interesting development as members of the news media are often times making news themselves.


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