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Go 3D Or Go Home

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The technology of the future what will it be? Im sure that something that we all wonder. According to this article – —-it’s 3d televisions.  There are actually 3d sets available now(something I didn’t no). I guess one day I might be sitting in my house watching my television in 3d. This article talks about Avatar and why it was such a success and it owes  a great deal of  its success to the 3d. Director James Camron says its expensive but defnitley what draws people in, especially to his film Avatar.So is he trying to say, other producers should consider it? Have we lost the days where we can enjoy a basic movie, that follows the “Hollywood” standards?This article makes us wonder about the future. Are we really headed toward 3d television sets? If so, I wonder if I will ever have one of my own because personally its a bit scary. Whats next, flying cars?


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May 23, 2010 at 12:06 am

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