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Law and Order creates disruption

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Law and Order has aired on NBC for the past 20 years, but after the announcement of its cancellation Friday, many New Yorkers wonder how much this will affect the economy. The show has generated jobs for almost 4,000 people and stimulated the economy for two decades because of its popularity as well as success. The amount of money the show contributes annually will be significantly missed. The show based in New York City, has promoted the city through the years, advertising its beauty and their ability to handle crime. However, the economy won’t be the only thing suffering the loss of this well liked show. NBC will now have to find something to fill the huge void left by the cancellation of Law and Order. The last air of the show will be May 24. NBC did say however they are looking into a spin off: Law and Order Los Angeles. This is exciting news for Law and Order fans, but unfortunate for the economy in NYC because they are taking the light away from the City and although they are creating jobs at another place in the country, many will be affected here from canceling the show. So much for Law and ORDER; there will be considerable disruption in the economy in months to come.


Written by kaylaburton

May 23, 2010 at 12:18 am

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