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Looks like 3D is here to stay

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Well, if the pursuit of major motion pictures and television manufacturers to go 3D wasn’t enough to convince you that the new form of video was here to stay, it has been announced that Youtube is supporting 3D content. Apparently, a worker for the company was working on the project in his spare time at work, and sure enough the technology has been brought into our very own homes. No more paying $20 for a 3d flick or purchasing a 3D television for a couple grand. Now with the addition of your very own 3d glasses, of your style and preference, you can soon enjoy all of those hilarious short videos that you have learned to love on Youtube. An article by Gizmodo today announced the innovative information, at least that is where I found it. Heres the link, check out the article for the specifics:

Personally I am fascinated by the entire 3d trend. What has started off as a sort of gimic in the video world, has transformed into a whole new breed of visual arts. Not only can the 3d technology make creepy things pop out in your face, but the technique can be used like in the movie “UP” to create a more noticeable depth of field. Most recently the movie “Avatar” made great use of the 3D technology; too bad the story left more to be desired. In other news, even the pornographic industry is beginning to utilize 3d technology. (I’m sorry, but I just had to include that) This proving that if Youtube does it, everyone has to.


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May 23, 2010 at 12:12 am

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