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Managing Your Online Reputation

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Before a job interview your checklist should include: updating your resume, finding a professional outfit to wear and most importantly, please do not forget to make your Facebook profile private.

According to CareerBuilder, two in five employers admitted that content on a profile stopped them from hiring a candidate. Appropriate disclosure on social networking sites is a must, especially with an increasing number of employers checking Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace to screen job applicants.

The recruitment site provides a list of the top ten turn-offs for employers on social networking websites:

1. References to drug abuse
2. Extremist/intolerant views, including racism, sexism
3. Criminal activity
4. Evidence of excessive alcohol consumption
5. Inappropriate pictures, including nudity
6. Foul language
7. Links to unsuitable websites
8. Vulgar jokes
9. Silly email addresses
10. Membership of pointless/ridiculous groups

If your Facebook profile, Twitter or MySpace page contains any of the above you are taking a serious risk. It’s worth cleaning up your profile to give a good impression and avoid any potential problems.


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May 23, 2010 at 12:06 am

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