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Seven-year-olds dance to ‘Single Ladies’

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Almost everyone has heard and seen Beyonce’s music video for her hit, ‘Single Ladies’. In the video, Beyonce sings about being recently dumped and single as she dances in skimpy clothes thrusting her hips. Many have no problem with her dancing and I would agree because Beyonce is an adult. On April 10th at the World of Dance Pomona in Pomona, California five girls at the age of seven performed their rendition of the ‘Single Ladies’ dance. The video has continued to catch the attention of many and shocked viewers, as it shows seven year old girls dancing what some would classify as too provocative. Others would say the girls are talented dancers who are just expressing themselves through the art of dance, but really who are we kidding? These girls are dressed in red and black costumes barely covering their bodies and dancing in ways that are seen on MTV, VH1, BET, etc. What are we teaching our children at such a young age, and more importantly, where are their parents? As a former dancer I can agree that these young dancers are very talented individuals. Also, costumes are often just part of the dance and aren’t necessarily intended to create such a sexual connotation. However, why not put these girls in a number more appropriate for their age? Last time I checked seven year olds weren’t worrying about being single. This is the problem with our generation; no one wants to draw the line on what is acceptable and what isn’t.


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