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Skype to Socialize and Entertain

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            Skype is software that gives users to communicate by both voice and instant messaging. Video conferencing between two users became available in 2006 for both Windows and Mac clients. September 2002 an investment from Draper Investment Company was taken place, the original name was Skyper. Later in April 2003 and domain names were registered and in December 2005 videotelephony was introduced.  

           Skype is great for people in the business world that may have conference calls or college students who want to simply see a face from home.  My cousin recently studied abroad in Australia and used Skype to talk to her family and see them at the same time.  She said without Skype she would have probably been more homesick.  With Skype becoming larger and  more well-known and easy to use, even game shows such as Who Wants To Be a Millionaire uses Skype for video chat as a lifeline, and talk shows such as Oprah and  Ellen use Skype to talk to celebrities and viewers.  Skype is a useful, free, and well-made piece of software. Our society has so much to gain from trying it.  With our media becoming more advanced I can definitely see Skype going far!


Written by Dayna Blair

May 23, 2010 at 12:03 am

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