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The media ruins the Italian name/image

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I remember the good old days where i was proud to be an italian. However, because of popular TV shows and youtube videos, i am disgraced because people get n impression that im a guido. For example, when i went to hatters or the first time, they played tech no music so my friend handed me a glowstick and said “go”, automatically assuming that just because i’m Italian that i love techno music and i can rave, in addition at the bar, my friend ordered me shots and he kept ordering me jagerbombs, a generalization he got from the youtube video” my new haircut” while this youtube video pokes fun at “guidos” and slightly offends italians, there is nothing more of a disgrace than mtv’s jersey shore. Character’s mike the situation, and snookie give italians a bad name and the show should be canceled . no one wants to see a jacked 30 year old softball coach and a girl whose boobs are bigger than her face prancing around getting drunk and acting like tool-bags. because of these shows and videos, i can’t go anywhere without being stertotyped and that’s not right.


Written by bitetto16

May 23, 2010 at 12:17 am

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