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YouTube to allow ‘private’ videos

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Everyone’s favorite video-watching site is becoming a little more private.  Until now, if YouTubers wanted to only share a video with a limited number of people, they could.  But it was capped at 25 people they could invite.  Now, YouTube has created an “unlisted video” setting so that a video could still be posted to the site, but not show up during a search.

”Only people who have the link to the video will be able to watch it,” wrote Jen Chen, a Google software engineer, on the YouTube blog. “It won’t appear in any of YouTube’s public pages, in search results, or your personal channel or on the browse page. It’s a private video, except you don’t need a YouTube account to watch it, and there is no limit to the number of people who can view it.”  Read more.

I’m not sure what kind of effect this will have on the YouTube community.  Many more people may take advantage of this unlisted video setting and it may decrease the amount of search results that come up when we enter a keyword.  It actually might serve as somewhat of a filter.  I just hope that none of the crazy people that post those viral videos get shy and set theirs as unlisted. Sometimes, the weirdest videos make a statement!


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May 23, 2010 at 12:07 am

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